Inspirational Testimony

Family: My father was a Hindu temple priest. My mother’s grandfather built a Hindu temple upon a mountain in their village. I was very active in the altar works of our temple when I was very young. I have two elder brothers and one sister who is the oldest.

Skin disease: In 1987 when I was in higher secondary school, I tore many New Testament given by Gideon International Organization. In the same year I got a chronic skin disease in both of my legs. I took treatment from many doctors; I spent a lot of money on the medicine and on the magicians. I went to many temples seeking healing and I was in a position to go anywhere to be healed from that disease.

From darkness to the Marvelous Light: As I was wandering here and there for my healing, somebody told me to go to a particular church for three weeks. Though I was not healed, I used to go to the church regularly, because I began to taste the love of God and experienced a great joy and peace in my heart that surpassed all understanding. Though I was convinced that Jesus Christ is the only way and accepted Him as my personal Savior, it was very difficult for me to take decision to become a Christian.

Water Baptism and miraculous healing: I was going to the church regularly and read the Bible day and night. I prayed for my healing with tears and great faith. When I was speaking with the pastor, he told me to obey the Lords command by taking water baptism. I refused because of the fear of my family background. I told the pastor that I would take baptism if Jesus would heal me first.

One day the Lord spoke through Mark 16: 16 which say “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be condemned.” I feared about my death and eternity. So I surrendered myself on the fourth Sunday of 1990. I took water baptism. To my surprise, the Lord healed me immediately from the disease of 3 ½ years. Praise the Lord. While I was waiting for the Lord to heal me for more than one year, He had been waiting for me to obey Him.

Ministry: I was doing a business with my brother in Trichy. I did my M. Com., B.Ed., in Madurai Kamaraj University through correspondence. I began to help in the church works as volunteer. Started to go to villages for tracks distribution and street preaching with my friends in church. When the Lord called me, I left my business in 1996 and came to the full time ministry among the students.

Marriage and mighty works of God: The Lord has blessed me with a good and well educated wife Lily and two sons, Jac Stewart, and Shadrach Devanesan. My wife is in full time ministry and my sons are musicians helping in our ministry.

After our marriage in 1999, we worked in Jehovah Nissi Theological Institute, Nagercoil for one year. In 2000, we went to Singapore to study in Discipleship Training Center (DTC) – an interdenominational Bible college for 2 years. From 2002, we are pasturing Jehovah Salvation church in Pudukkottai. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts. .

Pastor P. Chelladurai